Friday, March 30, 2012

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Schmuck

I'd just like to say that I think being on the buying end of a house is much easier than selling. Yes, you have to go through all the inspections, etc. but at least you can walk away unscathed in your contingency period.

Our Buyer's had their home inspection on Tuesday, came back Thursday with a contractor, and came back twice today with different contractors. I have no idea WHAT they are questioning, but I'm stressed, knowing that if they walk away, we've wasted a great deal of time on these shmucks (hereinafter referred to as "Mr. & Mrs. Schmuck") that can't make up their minds! I agree, a week and a half may not seem like a big deal, but it is when you are resigning in 3 short weeks, moving in 4 weeks, and everything is already set in motion without turning back.

So I thoroughly hope that Mr. and Mrs. Schmuck find answers that they are looking for today. At least if they walk away tomorrow, I'd be happy to take their hand money and cover my move for free! If they walk away today, well jokes on me that I fell for their sincerity in actually wanting the house!! Frustrating.....


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quick Update

Of course I realize that even though we accepted an offer, we are not clear out of the woods just yet! Our buyer's have 10 days to get the home inspection and radon test complete. So add that to one more stress and worry during this process.

Even though I know how much Ross & I and professional help fixed things in the house, I can't help but wonder what they might find. I know we fixed nearly EVERYTHING that went wrong in our home inspection (it was quite the list and we were the fools that forged on :) so here's hoping that anything they find this time around won't scare off the Buyer's.

So 10 days is the deadline. Maybe I shouldn't have handed in my resignation so soon?!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012



We officially accepted an offer last night and have moved towards the impending closing date. It's an emotional roller coaster ride as I can't even begin to express the excitement of selling the house so quickly, but also the sadness of moving so quickly.

As I mentioned here and everywhere, Ross & I received 3(!!) offers on the house after 10 showings in 2 days. I couldn't believe how much activity we received on the house, but I'm so happy people love the house as much as we do.

The offer we accepted was a little over our asking price! I was nervous for weeks before it was listed that we weren't going to get the $159,900 we were asking. I constantly went back and forth thinking maybe we should list higher, list lower, was driving me nuts.  **Spoiler Alert: I'm going to overshare again since it's mostly family that reads this anyway!**  But lo and behold, in the end, one couple offered us $163,000 (with 20% down, conventional loan, closing at end of April, etc.). There were so many good things about their offer despite the price, that we were ecstatic about it. This couple (and one other offer) even wrote us a letter about why they wanted the house and what it would mean to them. Let's just say the couple we sold it to really hit a note with me, and I'm so happy for them to be getting our house. I really think they'll take good care of it. (wow....can you tell I'm emotional?!)

The closing date is set for April 30th, which means I'll officially be moving April 28th, one weekend after my best friend's bachelorette party (that'll be an emotional celebration!). I also officially submitted my resignation letter today for Westinghouse, resigning on April 20th. There's a lot of official biz-naz going on up here, can you tell?! Maybe I should see how many times I can use the word 'official' for the rest of the post....

So for now, I'm officially getting some official moving company quotes. And trying to squeeze every official last bit of joy and appreciation out of my official house, hopeful that we'll find another official beautiful home in good ol' Alabama.



Monday, March 19, 2012

Let's be Honest.... was my fresh baked chocolate chip cookies that sold the house. And the fresh flowers I put out in the kitchen. And the world's most pathetic hanging flower basket I hung by the front door.

I'm certain it was those things that gave buyer's a good impression :) Or I like to think so, so that I can take all the credit!! haha

I'm on 'Cloud 9' right now. We had 8 successful showings yesterday, and 2 more today. Two offers came out of yesterday's showings, and they are both great offers and just shy of the full asking price. I'm hoping now that they have a little competition, they'll suck it up and offer the full price. If not, we're still thrilled with either offer. (I hope they are not reading this b/c there goes my Poker Face!! *Pa-pa-pa Poker Face pa pa Poker Face. Na na na na. ....Name that artist!)

So by noon tomorrow, both buyer's will need to come back with their 'highest and best' offer, and we'll go from there. As for today's showings, who knows if something will come out of those, but if so, they are on a time crunch to compete with the other 2 offers. If not, then that's just fine with us!

So for all future home buying & selling....Ross & I are completely delusional to what the rest of the population goes through. My heart goes out to anyone struggling to buy & sell.

But for now, I'll try to keep you guys posted on what's next :)


UPDATE: We now have 3 offers, all of which we'll see by 12:00pm tomorrow :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

House Listing

We officially listed the house on Tuesday :)

6100 Meadow Lane

In the first 2 days it was listed, we already had 6 requests for showings!!! Four on Sunday, one on Monday, and one on Wednesday. *whew*   (We made a note that there were to be no showings until Sunday, March 18th in order to finish a few things.)

We took our time to list the house because my father-in-law and his contractor friend were helping us spruce up the curb appeal, since Ross & I never got the chance to work on the outside. I think it was a good decision seeing as what a difference freshly layed mulch can make!

But along with that, I'll also ....
  • buy fresh flowers for the kitchen on Saturday to give it that extra special touch...
  • burn my 'cupcake scented' candle for the Sunday showings (I thought maybe this would beat the old 'fresh baked cookies' adage :) (OK...I lie...I couldn't find a 'fresh baked cookies' candle, so I resorted to the 2nd best scent!! HA!). 
  • I've already burried my St. Joseph statue that my grandma gave me right in front of the house and upside down! (read more about that here). I truly believe in this, as Michelle and Mike took it seriously and they were able to sell their condo in Connecticut :)

So all in all, I'm at least hopeful to get some good feedback, along with the bad (*eek*). And from there, hopefully we have a good idea of what it'll take to sell the house. And I know if it doesn't sell right away, or if it does, that He has a plan for us and all will happen according to His plan.


Monday, March 12, 2012

And it keeps on Changing...

I'm about finished thinking that I have things all planned out b/c in 5 minutes, I'll have a complete and opposite plan instead :)  I refuse to even make a decision about what I'll eat for dinner, because let's face it, I can't make up my mind on anything right now!!!

First, the house was to be listed on March 1st. Then we decided we'd wait until we finished a few projects, so we held off for a week. Then one more. Then a few days. NOW I'm ready to list it. Pronto. But wait... we still need 2 more days to finish the projects that should really be done BEFORE we list, otherwise giving buyers the impression that the house needs 'work.' Okie dokie, so by the end of this week hopefully it will be on the market. Or next monday. Or next wednesday. Who knows anymore. And I'm going crazy thinking about it.

Next, I originally was going to stay here until mid-June after my friend's wedding and hopefully after the house is sold. This was Ross' and my original plan, together we agreed. Now? I want to move sooner, but have to be realistic, so maybe sometime in May? The earlier the better, but still hoping the house is either sold or under contract come May. The hubs is bored and wants me to move NOW, but that is just day-dreaming :)

Moving options? Welp...that is a revolving decision as well. The first time we moved Ross to AL, we rented a Budget Moving Truck and did most/all of the loading, unloading, and driving ourselves, which also resulted in getting a hotel room one night on the road, for a total of about $1,000 for the first move! It ran us a lot higher than expected. So for this time around, it just may be worth it to hire a company to move us while Ross & I drive my car down ourselves. A few estimates are coming in at $1,500-$2,000 for a company to load, unload and drive, which is better than what I expected! That way, we get professionals to load and unload all of our stuff (bonus points!!) and Ross and I can drive the 17-hour drive in one day since we'll only have my car to drive. AND Dakota will be able to ride along with us in our car. I'm absolutely fearful of bringing her on a plane, so I wouldn't mind driving my good old Chevy Cobalt the whole way without cruise control (darn car!). Oh, that dog is spoiled!!

So if you ask me over the next few months how things are going, and you get a complete and opposite answer of what I told you the first time....well, too bad. Just look at my life right now! It's a revolving mystery :)

I shall like to blame thank my hubs for the chaos!