Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Own Revenge

Let's start off with a fun fact on which the basis of this story lies.... Fact: I hate Walmart. Like, truly & passionately hate Walmart. But sometimes, Targets prices just don't compare and I'm forced to shop at the nemesis! So even though I can't completely boycott the store, it's relentless that I have to go there from time to time. Call me a hypocrite!

So I'm at Walmart today and guess what I notice?! They no longer have baskets for your shopping needs, only carts!! (Oh yet again how I hate this store.) I thought I was just missing them, but surely enough, they are gone. And another fun fact? I hate shopping carts!! Especially when I only need to pick up a few items. I'd much rather just carry a basket which makes it much easier to manuever around the store.  I have a theory that Walmart got rid of the baskets so their consumers are forced to use carts who are then tempted to fill them up with more than they need and therefore spend more money!! Mwahahaha. Stupid walmart. I'll show you up at your own game....

So as I'm shopping today, I realize I have more then I can carry with my own two hands. If I put it in my purse, then it will surely look like I'm shoplifting. Next solution? Pick up a beach tote as I'm passing the purse aisle to use as a shopping bag! Look at me..... happy go-lucky beach toting consumer at Walmart happy to have free hands :) :) :) Once I get to the check out line, I'll empty out all my contents and just tell the cashier that I don't want the tote. Easy peasy. So as I'm standing there, ready to check out, a nice older gentleman taps me on the shoulder while pointing to my bag and says "I like your shopping cart" *wink wink* HAHA!! I happily explained my dilemma and over-shared about what a hassle it is to push a cart around. We both got a good laugh about it. He said he noticed me earlier in the store when I got the bag and threw my stuff in and said it looked suspicious. But at the check out line, he came to understand what I was doing. LOL Oh dear.

It's a wonder why Ross is embarrased to shop with me at all times :) I can't wait to share this story with him when I get home and see his priceless reaction of "Yup, I married a nut!" Which I will then counteract with, "Well it was either that or I push people OUT OF MY WAY with my shopping cart!" which I've also been known to do and he, to this day, follows wayyyy behind me so as to not be associated with me at the grocery store. True story.

Our marriage is priceless.