Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter

Ross and I had a wonderful weekend.  It was in the 80's here and nothing can keep my mood down when it's that nice outside! Our Easter was spent just the two of us but with plans for an Easter Brunch buffet at Ross Bridge Resort. It's a luxury hotel/golf course about 20 minutes from our house.  I've heard spectacular things about the food as well as the setting so we were really looking forward to our Easter Sunday :)

After an inspiring message at church, we headed over to our brunch. Apparently the community of Ross Bridge is more than just a golf course and hotel. They even have a planned community, with pools, playgrounds and a small village of stores/shops. If this isn't the definition of "Pleasant-ville" with every bush and tree perfectly manicured, I don't know what is! Just take a look at the perfection as you drive through the neighborhood:

In the background, you can see a glimpse of the castle hotel. Here's a close-up of the hotel:

Luckily, we did not get lost inside the hotel and found our way to brunch :) The place is massive!

The brunch was nothing short of perfection. The food was delicious, we had everything from lamb to prime rib, many side dishes, pasta, assorted breads, muffins, and an array of desserts! The only stations we skipped were the salad bar and omelet station (we can make those at home ;) We wanted to make sure we had enough room to try everything, and we certainly did! Ross tried all 12 desserts, haha. We got dessert after every trip up to the buffet. We know how to dine :)

Here's a few shots we tried to take ourselves:

We also spent a lot of time outdoors this weekend, cleaning up the yard and planting some container gardens. We bought perennials, hoping these containers will be enjoyed year after year our dollars will stretch year after year! Ross will help me water and maintain them since he has a much greener thumb than I do. How sweet of him :)

We bought two hanging flower baskets for the window box which were annuals. I wanted the look of them spilling over the sides and I love how they turned out:

We're now ready for summer and to get out and enjoy the weather!