Tuesday, June 16, 2015


A quick pic that I took before work this morning and sent to my girlfriends back home, as they've been asking if I'm showing yet!

"Dear baby bump, you've officially made it difficult to button pants :) "


Friday, June 12, 2015

15 Weeks

I'm on Week 15 today of pregnancy :) My baby is the size of an apple and about 4" long! That seems huge to me for some reason. I can't feel any movement yet, though I heard with a first pregnancy it'll still be a few weeks.

A few quick bump pics! Watching my bump grow has been a fun experience. It seems a lot 'rounder' in person, haha

The nausea has mostly subsided since the 1st trimester ended. I still get kind of queasy at night when thinking about dinner. And I still can't stand eating vegetables :/ Poor baby is getting so much junk food it's ridiculous. I do, however, crave fruit, so I'm been getting my FULL serving of fruit everyday. Maybe that makes up for the lack of veggies?! My dislike towards chocolate & sweets is something I would have never guessed!! I couldn't go a day without sweets before, and now I only crave salty foods. And I still crave cheese. Cheese.all.the.time!

Other than food cravings, I still get hit with exhaustion from time to time. I had really hoped it would subside but some days I just need a nap (which I welcome with open arms since the days of taking naps are short-lived :) I'm trying to continue staying active, working out to stay healthy, and doing some kind of an activity on the weekends with Ross whether it be an easy hike or just some kayaking. Although I can only laugh at myself when I'm out of breath on the shortest walks!

The mood swings are a whole other post. Though I think they've gotten better, they are wearing me out.

On a happier note, this week, I've gotten more excited thinking my gender reveal party with mine and Ross' families and my best friends back home in July. Nothing fancy, just a dinner with the fams and a box of balloons to reveal the gender! I've enlisted my best friend, Ang, to buy the 'correct' balloons. She's good at keeping secrets :) Unlike everyone on both sides of our families! haha

We've also booked flights home in September for a baby shower! No definitive plans yet but a lot of ideas being discussed. Currently leaning towards a picnic at the park. Something casual and fun. I don't want the traditional 'ladies-only' shower so we're doing more of a coed cookout with families and couples! I want to see everyone when I'm home :) Can't wait!