Saturday, July 28, 2012

Living the Life

It's been 3 weeks since I last posted and things have sure changed since then.

I got over the hump of starting my new job at Southern Nuclear Co. as a Sr. Admin Asst. The first week was long, chaotic and a typical 'first week' where you just want to get it over with! (at least for me anyway :) On top of starting a new job, Ross' 'rents were also in town to visit. It was so much fun to have visitors, to have company to grill out with, show them around our town, etc. I didn't take many pics but here is one of Ross' and his dad:

I didn't get a full family picture but they'll be back in September along with Ross' brother and hopefully I'll be more diligent in getting pictures that time :) They were here for the full week so even though it was tiring to be starting a new job and having company, it was great to see them!

I've now finished my 3rd week of the job and I'm pretty happy with it so far! It feels good to be back working and having a schedule again. My coworkers are great (and sociable!). They are all so friendly (which I also contribute to southern hospitality :) but they are so easy to get along with and work with. My boss travels every week (and depending, my managers travel quite a bit too) so I really only see him on Mondays and Fridays, but he's great to work for as well. The girl I replaced is still working in our dept. but she was promoted. She's only 20 ft. away if I ever have questions, which is awesome but also hard to not rely on! haha Quite the opposite of what I had at Westinghouse with no one to train me! She held my position for 6 years so I have a lot to live up to!! But I feel like I'm catching on quickly (hopefully!) and will be on my way to enjoying my job even more once I know all the I once did at WEC :)

My 2nd week on the job I caught a small cold, mainly congestion, finally got over it this week and then gave it Ross as an anniversary gift :) I'm so sweet....I know! So now he's down and out. We planned on going out for dinner for our anniv. gift but we're gonna wait until he's better so he can actually taste things! I still can't believe it's been 4 years(!) and how much we've done in those years. NEVER would I have guessed we'd end up in Alabama one day, but so far, so good :) I think we're both enjoying our independence and exploring. And I'm really enjoying the apt. (more than I ever imagined) and not having to worry about fixing things. I guess that house flip really did take it out on me. And we have a pool, which is a nice little perk :)

We have a trip planned over labor day weekend to go camping with our Pgh friends, so looking forward to that is keeping me going :) My mom & dad and grandparents are visiting a week after that, and then Ross' family is back near the end of Sept., so we have a busy September month to look forward to! And hopefully many pics to share from all of that!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Quick Hello

I should be getting ready for church, but instead I thought I'd drop in and say 'Hi!'  Ross & I are excited for his parent's visit this week. They will be here today thru saturday. I plan on getting lots of photos which I hope to share with you later. We don't have many plans set in stone, but it will be nice to have visitors this week :)

On top of that, I start my new job tomorrow. Good thing I passed the background check, drug test, referral check, and the 567 true-or-false Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. That test was a doozy! Of course there is no right or wrong answer, but once I googled it, I was intrigued but how much it can tell about a person. I wish I could see my test results. I wonder if they've figured out how weird I am :) Or special. That's what I'll call it :) Anywho, work starts tomorrow and I'm thankful to be busy with the in-laws today so that I don't have time to be nervous. I'm anxious to get the first WEEK over with b/c it's always the hardest!

Aside from that, Ross & I have been trying to find a church. We started our hunt last week with a church that meets in a school (aka starter church). Today, we're trying a Presbyterian Church. The hardest part for me is figuring out what religion to go with. I grew up Lutheran, then switched to Presby, then attended non-denominational, then lastly (and my favorite due to the people & the pastor) Ross & I really enjoyed his friends church which was loosely based on Baptist. Oi! OH, and on top of that, Ross was raised in a Catholic school...but luckily we can rule that out b/c neither of us are Catholic and the nuns scarred him for life! Of course I know that Presby, Methodist, Lutheran, etc. are all Christian based, I just don't know how to choose (and really don't know how they differ from eachother!). I think it will come down to being a small church so we get to know people, but also enough people so that have a chance to make friends. I just wish I had more guidance in which religion to choose. I guess as long as we like the people and the pastor, we'll find a winner. So let the hunt continue :)