Monday, August 27, 2012

Gearing Up for North Carolina!

Everything is in full swing for camping this weekend!! Not only do I love camping and my friends, but combine the 2 and the fact that I hardly see them anymore, you can bet that I'm 10x's more excited than usual! And I'm pretty sure Ross is looking forward to it too :) Of course, my friends & I have been constantly checking the weather, and even though it's calling for rain, I can't help but not care (it always changes anyways!). I'd rather be sitting under the rain canopy with my closest friends than sitting at home by myself with beautiful weather. It's nothing we haven't dealt with before in the past :) Especiallly last labor day weekend when we were drenched after the last night of camping. Said trip would've been better if Ross & I put the rainfly on our tent properly, aka having dry shelter throughout the night rather than waking up with water everywhere! But have no fear....we know for a fact that our tent stays dry through monsoons(!). It's part of the reason we so highly reccomend Marmot tents :) So no rain is gonna ruin our trip this time!

We did lots of shopping for food and drinks this weekend, b/c no camping trip is complete without lots of food!! ...and drink. And am I alone in thinking that all road trips require candy and snacks?! Ross never thinks so! haha ...more candy for myself.  We're gearing up and ready to go. Only 4 days until we set off!! The weekend will surely go by too fast but hopefully with lots of pictures to remember it by....