Friday, July 19, 2013

Dakota Romp

A little afternoon fun with Dakota.

It was really just an excuse to take some photos. We don't play with her often, and I even bought her a new toy. That doesn't happen often either. We're cheap parents. So might as well document this.

I took some photos just for the heck of it. Sadly, our apartment is so underlit, it's really impossible to get good photos without grain. We have one tiny little room that is flooded with light, sadly, that room is the spare bathroom. But if we keep the door open, it's fills our tiny hallway with light. So that's where we played :) Use whatcha got.

This photo was already underexposed... I can say I meant to do that, but I didn't. Once I started looking at it though, I really loved the pose and wanted the focus on that, nothing else was important. Just a dog and her toy. So I went with the flow and made it even darker to get that silhouette effect, but not making it completely b&w. I just like how clearly it shows her "ready to spring into action" sit command. She knows the correct sit command means butt.on.ground :) Smart dog. Ready to play.

Next up, the classic Dakota sprint with her new toy.  Did you know that dogs smile?! I read that somewhere in an article once. I can't say I don't believe it. She's ecstatic in this photo with the tail up and the ears flopping.  Again, very poor quality, lots of grain, a bit of blur, but I loved the overexposed light behind her and heck, I can even say I meant to blur it a bit since it is an action shot after all :) My photographic flair?! Sure. Let's call it that.

Last, but not least, Dakota always has to roll on something if it's new to her. A new food, like the piece of squash we gave her last night. Yup, she rolled all over that bit of squash before she finally ate it.

Again, poor quality, but I loved the simplicity of the photo. I even dared to convert these to b&w since the colors didn't contribute anything to the photo. It's all about her poses here :) Roll baby roll....

I think the most I learned from this afternoon was how important it is to take photos of just our simple everyday lives, even if the photos aren't perfect. It's those photos I think that will mean the most to me one day since these small fragmants of time will easily be forgotten.

So go out there and take photos of everything you love.