Monday, October 7, 2013

Closing Progress & Seibert Visit

So we're 2 weeks down in the closing, 2 weeks to go :)

Right now, we're just waiting on getting the appraisal back. We should hopefully hear from them in the next day or two and I'm curious to hear what they have to say. On one hand, the house is move-in ready and doesn't need much work. But on the other hand, Ross & I see huge potential of what it could be!! I'll try my best to not get carried away :) We certainly wouldn't want to put more work into the house than it's even worth.

We gave our 60-day notification to our apartment office so we have the apartment until before Thanksgiving. That'll give us time to hire pros to replace the furnace before we move in and get an electrician to look at a few things.

Other than that, we're sitting pretty. I'm surprised at how much easier this closing has been than the first one, so far. * I'm knocking on wood* :)

In other news, Ross' parents were here visiting last week. It was so nice to have visitors and something to look forward to throughout the week! For their week visit, I think we got out quite a bit to explore -- we took them to the annual Greek Food Festival held last weekend, rented a pontoon boat one day and fished (sadly, no catches, even with my breadball fish bait, boo!), showed them our house, visited the Barber Motorsports Museum, visited the Saturday farmer's market that's held downtown, ate at the Whistle Stop Cafe, checked out the local County Fair and more! *whoo* I'm tired just thinking about everything we did :) I think we explored more of B'ham with them in a week than we've done since we've lived here! It was a whirlwind week and they left just in time for the fall weather to set in. It's officially chilly today (aka, high's in the mid-70's :) haha. Yes, it's chilly. There, I said it. I had to use the heat in my car this morning... ha.

Now Ross & I are back to our normal routines. This week, we are revving up for the Walking Dead Season 4 premiere next Sunday! We are in marathon-mode catching up on all of season 3 in the next 7 days! I tell ya... it's a hard life we live....