Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January Recap

Well last time I left off was right after Christmas and time has been flying since.

Mom & Dad visited us the day after xmas and we took them to New Orleans for their first time. It was a quick trip that was absolutely soaked by rain, but we tried to make the most of it. Our hotel was just 3 blocks outside the French Quarter, but lesson learned, it was too far, especially in the rain! This time, we got to venture out to the Garden District so that was my highlight of our trip!

About a week or so after the holidays, Ross' mom and brother came to visit us for a week. They lucked out on the week they were here because it was our normal Alabama winter, not too cool and not too warm. The week before I think we all experienced the Deep Freeze weather that hit all of the eastern US, including us! And the week after they left it got unseasonably cold again.

Then shortly afterwards, which brings us up to last week, we got hit by Snowmaggedon 2014!! ha. I guess that is what people are calling it now :) Ross & I are extremely fortunate that 1) we had a warm office to sleep in that night with coworkers we trust whereas most people were stranded on the highways in their cars 2) we made it home safely the next day while driving past thousands of stranded cars all over the hwys 3) dakota was ok after being in her crate for a straight 28 hours 4) etc. etc. etc. We can count our blessings a thousand times over!

NOW.... Ross & I are finally settling down and getting back to our normal routine. We took a break from working on the house for awhile but we're slowly making progress again on the mudroom, which Ross promised me back in November would be finished in a few short weeks. haha *famous last words*

Besides that, the rest of the house just feels overwhelming with everything that's been happening in January. Numerous things around the house have broken, clogged drains (two calls to the plumber & $600 later, it's all fixed), broken garage door, leaking kitchen sink, etc. It's overwhelming and I feel like we can't keep up. We're finally looking into our home warranty because we can't afford anymore fixes. Hopefully they cover a good bit!! I'm so tired of this house already. Next time, I definitely don't plan on renovating. The inspiration is just sucked right out of me!! :( O well.  As soon as we finish the mudroom I may (hopefully!) have higher spirits. Deep breath, One project at a time....