Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Whirlwind Weekend

This weekend had flown by, just like I knew it would! But I was lucky to be able to see almost everyone when I was home, and enjoy every minute of it. Sorry for the long post and countless photos...but you know me, I update rarely on here, and rather just cram it all into one post :)

Thursday night my flight arrived around 4:00pm and I was off to pick up Ross from his seminar downtown to head to my parent's house for dinner. One thing I DON'T miss about Pittsburgh?? The constant roadwork & heavy rush hour traffic .... it took me over an hour and a half to drive from the airport to downtown to my parents. Absolutely absurd! Also thanks to an accident on greentree hill...what else is new?!

There, we got to see my whole family. We celebrated an early father's day and even got to celebrate my birthday early , to my surprise :)

Clockwise from bottom: Cupcakes Michelle made for dad & grandpa to celebrate father's day; Stephen carrying out my birthday cake;  me blowing out candles; Ross showing off a picture on his phone that he got with some furries (he was staying downtown all week for his seminar and got quite the eyeful of the furries convention!); Mom, Grandma and Betsy talking; Grandma & Grandpa; My Birthday Cake..made by Michelle!; Ross & I posing for a picture; Stephen & Mike; Michelle watching dad enjoy his cupcake :)

On Friday, Ross had one day left of his seminar, so he was stuck at work all day. I was off to get a mani/pedi with Ang, aka The Bride :)  I really should get pedi's more often, they are so enjoyable!! After that, I headed out to lunch with mom and Michelle. Once I fought Wexford traffic (again...roadwork is to blame), it was time for me to head downtown to pick up Ross (since I had the rental car).

That morning, I had a voicemail from Southern Nuclear and was eager to hear back from them about a job offer. So I waited and waited all day, until the exact moment I picked up Ross, they were calling me back. I got the job offer over the phone and gladly accepted.  How funny it is that I got a job while out of town! I was especially ecstatic after thinking that I blew the interview and wrote it off as...."I gave it my best shot!" Who would have thought?!

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner for Mike & Ang's wedding.  Another collage to celebrate the occasion :) I guess the only curse of being the photographer is that I'm not in any of the pics! oops! lol But I had fun playing around with my dslr.

Next up, the BIG DAY! Mike & Ang's wedding :) The entire day was a success and a lot of fun. To be in the wedding party with all of my best friends and Ross as a groomsmen was such a treat! Sadly, I didn't want to worry about carrying around the dslr, so I only brought our point and shoot camera. Photoshop can only fix so much, so excuse the awful photo quality...our point-and-shoot is on it's last leg!

I only took pictures that morning at the salon, and later after dinner. My parents and Ross' parents were both invited to the wedding so we got a chance to get pictures with them as well! Enjoy our 3rd and final collage :)

Clockwise: Steph at the salon with our feast of food and drinks!; Ang getting her hair done; Ross & I with mom & dad at the wedding; Ross & I linking arms to take a sip of our "angelina" drinks; Ross & I with mom & dad S.; Mom & I at the wedding; Kris & I taking a candid photo; Kris & I taking a photo with the bride at the end of the night; Ross, Ray and Ken having some cigar time after the wedding; Me & my besties, Kris & Steph; Ang and her final updo; Ross & I at the wedding :)

It was an exceptional night. Most of my friends and I stayed at the hotel after the wedding which gave us even more time to catch up, but it was a long day, and we all headed to bed around 1:00am. Of course, I was sad the day was over but my heart has never felt so full with all of the love I have for my friends and family. The weekend couldn't have been better!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Waiting for Pgh

I just returned home from dropping Ross off at the airport. He's off to Pittsburgh this morning b/c he has training for work this week at the US Steel headquarters (aka US Steel Tower :). The fact that his training for work fell during the week directly in front of our friend's wedding weekend was extremely lucky for us!! (Training for work = plane ticket for Ross paid for by USS)

I'm not headed into Pgh until Thursday though. Originally I thought if I was working already, I didn't want to take off too much time, but then again, I also didn't want to put Dakota in a kennel for more than a few days. She's going to be traumatized since she's never been to a kennel, but luckily her current dog trainer (another long story!) is taking her in while we're gone. Even though he charges a little more than a normal kennel, I think maybe he'll get some training in while she's at his house :) Win-win for us! Perhaps all her aggression problems will be solved?!

I can't wait to be in Pgh this weekend! Time is certainly going to fly! I have my best friends wedding on Saturday, and plans to see family on Thursday/Friday. Hopefully I remember to get some pictures :) Especially now that I don't get to see all of their lovely faces these days, I'm definitely going to start taking more pictures!

Anyway, I've already done almost all my packing hoping it'll make Thursday come quicker! Now I just have to stay preoccupied for the next 3 days. It'll be quite the task with no Ross here to entertain me :(