Friday, May 22, 2015

12 Week Check-up

Ross & I got to see Gummy Bear again yesterday at my 12-week check-up! I was really looking forward to it. I think baby is measuring between 2-3" (or the size of a lime) now but it looked huge up on the wide screen tv during the ultrasound. Baby was just laying there, not cooperating for a profile shot. After a few minutes, I was kind of bored. You couldn't make out much of what you were looking at. The ultrasound technician kept prodding, but nada. Until the very end. Just when the technician was wrapping up, baby must've been irritated from all the movement that it started kicking it's legs, moving its arms and then squirming. I squealed!! Ross & I were pretty much in 'awe.' I couldn't believe all the movement and couldn't look away. I can't believe I can't feel anything yet. What an experience!

It still really hasn't sunk in yet that parenthood is racing around the corner. I'm just now fully embracing the pregnancy now that I can talk about it and want to enjoy this moment right now :) I get a little freaked out thinking ahead, wondering how I'll ever adjust to sleepless nights, affording daycare when I start back up at work, etc. etc. But then I realize what a blessing and what a JOURNEY this is going to be. And how excited I am to just get to experience this phase of life with Ross. I can't wait. So I remember that even though our life won't be as easy and kicked back as it is now, it's gonna be pretty cool.


Monday, May 18, 2015

New Chapter & The Big Announcement

I'm back!! And for good reason. As most of you (more like the 5 of you that read this :) saw yesterday on Facebook, the secret is finally out :)

I can't believe the overwhelming response of everyone that liked/commented on our FB announcement yesterday! It feels SO good to finally let the secret out. At least, as soon as I tell work today :) Then the cat will officially be out of the bag. And I'm starting to show. So better tell them now before they begin to speculate!

I had so much fun putting the announcement together and probably got carried away! I finally bought myself a tiny $10 remote for my DSLR so I was able to capture the middle 'family' photo. I had fun getting to test it out :) And my Photoshop skills came in handy for the 1st photo... I mean, did you really think I got Dakota perfectly into position directly behind that sign at the exact right moment?! I should stop spilling my secrets! And the collage was a compromise... Ross came up with the 'Baby Toy Tester' caption and I loved that but then I saw the middle family photo on Pinterest and had to have that as well! So I took the 3rd photo to round the collage out and presto... an announcement I love :)

On Thursday, I have my 12 week appt. where they'll do another ultrasound and blood work. I'm so excited to see Gummy Bear again! That's our nickname for now... b/c on our very first ultrasound at 9 wks, when they confirmed the pregnancy, it *downright* looked like a gummy bear!... Right?! haha

The journey so far has been so exciting! It happened a bit quicker then we expected and it's taken on a life of its own already! It's all we can talk about. We told our families after our first appointment. I was so nervous it was just all in my head at first that I HAD to have the first ultrasound to be sure before revealing the news. Besides, it was kind of fun for Ross & I to have our own little secret between the 2 of us before the chaos set in. The past 7 weeks of nausea and sickness had also pretty much confirmed things before our first appt. Luckily, the sickness is finally getting better. And with the nausea, I've only been able to tolerate certain foods (mostly junk food *sigh*) and the cravings have been unreal. Apparently baby likes CHEESE, anything with cheese, my diet has consisted of cheese pizza, cheesy pastas, cheese anything!

So that's been our exciting chapter these past few weeks. And I have to say, I'm so relieved the pestering of starting a family will finally stop. Let me just get up on my soapbox for a sec and declare once and for all that Ross & I were always HAPPY with our current situation. We loved just being the 2 of us and a dog and living in the moment. We never felt pressure to start a family until WE were ready. That's all that mattered to us. And now we are. And we are excited :)