Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Well I might be a tad late for any Christmas posts, but I find myself restless with no projects going on at the house. So I finally decided to go through my Xmas photos :)

Ross & I celebrated in Alabama, just the two of us and the dog. It was quiet and relaxing and all around pleasant to not have to stress about traveling. But, point of the story... there are only pictures of us. B-o-r-i-n-g. I know. Sorry we don't have any cute kids to fill your time with! And I have 3 collages, so yay!! Lots of pictures of us!! lol

Clockwise: Ross getting Stella Artois glasses from his 'secret santa' Mike; Me trying to capture on video dakota unwrapping her toy; Mom Seibert gave me a historical book on our current neighborhood!; Ross' beer book from Mike; Demon dog hates her xmas pig; My cute clutch from mom; Dakota and I on christmas (awwww)

Clockwise: Do I look good in this hat?!; Dakota digging for her toys in the bag full of gifts; Ross always receives presents related to 'steel' now, although he quite enjoys them, haha; Me & my new steam mop from Mom S.; my new ornament from Ang; Me enjoying my homemade chex mix snack from Ang...yum yum yum...

Clockwise: Ross received very cool Pens artwork from mom & dad; my 'secret santa' Stephen bought me some baskets to hang in my mudroom (my pin from pinterest :) and a shirt; Some more ornaments, including one for our new house!; Dakota decided she was done and curled up on Ross' lap

All in all, Ross & I were very blessed this year and received many gifts from friends and family afar. I hope the rest of you enjoyed a wonderful christmas as well!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

House Tour!

I kept promising to share pictures of the house, but then it dawned on me to just take a video :) This was the first time using the video function on my dslr so bear with me!

Of course, after watching the video there are 1,001 things I forgot to mention, but here are a few:

- Ross is re-wiring some electrical work in the kitchen for the new mudroom, so pardon the random holes in the kitchen walls and missing faceplate on some of the switches.

- The old W/D closet will eventually become my new food pantry!

- The mudroom is not finished being painted in case you hadn't noticed the half pink/half gray walls. I painted the one wall gray and that's the furthest I got :) The board & batten behind the w/d and bench area will remain white and crisp. I can't wait to have this room done! And my W/D should be arriving on the 14th, yay!

- The backyard was raked into rows of pine straw. That's not a look we're going for, just ran out of steam to finish raking it all!

- There's a handicap pull bar in the main hallway (you see it hanging down). The screws are stripped and we have yet to bother getting rid of it. And the hallway is not as yellow in person as it came out on video... it's actually a pale yellow, but regardless, it will be repainted one day!

- Our cars are still parked outside b/c the garage is full of stuff! We just look like avid Kia promoters :)

So, all in all, you can see where we updated the master bedroom, guest bedroom and living room. And you can see how the rest of the house is coming along. It's all a work-in-progress but we'll get there eventually!! :)