Tuesday, April 5, 2016

March Photo Dump

Well here goes my last 30-day dump of photos and catching up :)

Friday, 3/11/16. Dinner at Outback Steakhouse with Ross for my last day of work at Southern Company... for now!

Long story short, but back when Ross & I made the decision to move north, my boss agreed to let me stay on as an employee until after maternity leave, so I could get my maternity leave benefits. Never in a million years did I think they would do that for me. But in the long run, they don't typically support employees full-time telecommuting. So basically, they asked me to resign and come back to work for them as a contractor instead. Sounds like a great plan to me!! Except for the small print that says 'when an employee resigns, they must be separated from the company for 90 days.'  So that's the story of why I'm home again full time with Claire. Hopefully in June, when my 90 days is up, I will get to return as a contractor. It would be a dream come true to work from home full time doing a job I loved. So fingers crossed :) Until then, I'm trying to make the most of my time at home with Claire.

3/13/16: Claire in her swing. I walk away only to come back and find her flopped over. oops! I've since started buckling her in, haha.

3/14/16: One of our weekly daily(?!) shopping trips to Target. On this day, I found the perfect bunny ears for her Easter photos that we tried out in the store!! Yippee.

3/24/16: Claire was supposed to help me pack for our Easter weekend to Pgh but she fell asleep on the job. Thanks kid. 

3/26/16: Easter Weekend was a whirlwind for us. We got to see both of our families along with my group of friends and Ross' group of friends!! It was a great weekend. Claire was a champ through most of it. She had a few meltdowns thanks to not getting enough naps, but for the most part, Ross & I are getting better at knowing when the meltdown will ensue and how to prevent it :) Easter day she was pretty much done with being passed around to people and was pretty cranky all day (except for these morning photos in her Easter dress). I don't blame her though, it was a busy weekend with a lot of new people and not enough time to relax and nap!

Quick family photo before our Easter day began:

Photo at my grandma's house for Easter: 

Not often we get a family photo! Next time I'll remind us to not face the sun... Seth was the only one smart enough to cover his eyes! lol

Testing out Claire's bouncy seat!! haha My MIL bought this for Claire to use Easter weekend but Claire is still just a bit too small/too young for this. So we practiced with Dakota instead :)

3/28/16... Claire's 4-month checkup. She's 13 lbs. 9 oz. (42nd percentile) and 26" long (95th percentile). She's long and lean :)

Happy before the shots...

3/29/16... I have to remind myself that babies can be quite cranky the day after vaccinations. This day was no exception. Geesh.

And that's my photo dump for March. Hope you enjoyed!


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  1. Love all the pictures, particularly the flopped head, sleeping on the job, her adorable Easter photo shoot, and, of course, testing out the bouncy seat :)